2015 Ford F150 Reviews

2015 Ford F150 Reviews - Best Sports Cars

The significance of the new for 2015 Ford F150 pick-up most likely doesn't need to be highlighted-- however we want to compose, so here's a refresher: For the previous 30-odd years, the F-150 has been the bestselling car in the united state, period. To you, this implies you'll see a lot of F-150 every day, brand-new and old, does not matter, you will certainly see one-- or 150. To Ford, having the F-150 is akin to having an odd, rich uncle pass away every single year, leaving a pile of cash. It's a constant-- pretending for a minute that the Ford Motor Company has an unlimited annual supply of faceless, loaded, and doomed extended family members-- there to add icing atop the balance sheet in good years and help prop up the company in the bad years.

With the F150's reasonably comfy sales supremacy in both the pickup section and the passenger-vehicle market overall, it would be understandable-- clever, even-- for Ford to merely nip the truck here and tuck it there and call the outcome "new." With the 2015 F-150, Ford did not play this safe video game; it instead turned the playbook upside-down and turned out a really new product. For such a stoically American car format, the pick-up truck hardly ever conjures up the word "revolutionary," however we think Ford's new workhorse may simply have earned such factor to consider. That's due to the fact that instead of a steel taxi, the F-150 has a light-weight (and undoubtedly costly) aluminum taxi, as we anticipated, which chops up to an asserted 700 pounds from the truck's curb weight.

If an aluminum body is controversial, a 2.7-liter V-6 in a full-size truck ranks as blasphemy. (A giveaway for those who hate F-150 and like bad analogies: You can purchase a 3.0-liter of Stars & Stripes soda at Dollar Tree.) However Ford's brand-new EcoBoost engine is packed with innovation and punches above its displacement with output scores of 325 horsepower and 375 lb-ft of torque. It makes use of twin turbochargers and direct injection like the 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine, augmented with durable hardware such as a compacted-graphite-iron block, broken main caps, and cylinder heads with integrated, water-cooled exhaust manifolds. (For more, read our deep dive on the engine.) The smallest six-cylinder pulls with confidence low in the rev range and offers exceptional improvement in terms of vibration, sound, and power shipment. It's worth every cent of the $795 premium over the base engine.

Ford had some catching up to do in trip quality and rigidity, and this truck renders. When you run over choppy pavement, the F 150 displays a smooth ride and a structure that soothes-- but doesn't get rid of-- the secondary ride motions that ripple through a truck. It displays much better body control than the Ram 1500 and provides a cabin that's about as peaceful as that of the Silverado. The steering is a touch on the light side receptive and yet accurate. Only the brake pedal, being touchy and failing to deliver any feedback, needs further enhancement.

The pick-up's body and bed are composed from glued and riveted aluminum panels, similar to the strategy Ford pioneered with Land Rover and Jaguar prior to it sold them. The ladder frame? Practically all high-strength steel, with a buffer between for long-lasting toughness.

It's an expensive gamble, one that Ford asserts lead to overall weight-loss of more than 500 pounds, from last year's about comparable designs. The slendering enables one excellent brand-new downsized engine, increases the ability of the staying powerplants, and is said to improve fuel economy by 5 to 20 percent-- though Ford has not yet launched final EPA figures for any single 2015 Ford F150 variant.

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